How Can Hiring a Local Guide Make my Travel More Sustainable?

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As Earth Day approaches, we like to take the opportunity to focus our conversations around what sustainable travel looks like, and what you can do to enjoy the joys of travel, while also lightening your travel footprint.

One of the tenets to traveling more sustainably is to hire a local guide, which is a fantastic way of making your travel a force for good. (Never mind the fact that it's also fun, enriching, meaningful, convenient and often the highlight of your vacation!) So how does hiring a local guide make your travel more sustainable? Here are three things they help you to do:

Support the Local Economy

Hiring a local guide can make your travel more sustainable in a few different ways. Firstly, by using a local guide, you can support the local economy and help to create jobs for people in the community. This is especially important in developing countries where tourism can be a significant source of income. By hiring a local guide through ToursByLocals, you know the vast majority of the cost of your tour is going directly to that guide, who is empowered through our platform to be a successful local entrepreneur.

Better Understand the Local Culture and Environment

Secondly, local guides have a deep understanding and appreciation of their local environment, culture, and history, which they have acquired through dedicated study, and years of life experience. They can help you to navigate the area, provide insights into the local way of life, and introduce you to hidden gems that you may not have otherwise discovered. By learning about the local culture and traditions, you can gain a greater appreciation for the place you're visiting and contribute to the preservation of local heritage.

Navigate Eco-Friendly Practices

Finally, local guides can also help to minimize the environmental impact of your travel. They can advise on eco-friendly practices specific to their communities, such as reducing waste, conserving water, and supporting local conservation efforts. They can also help you to avoid activities that harm the environment, such as wildlife exploitation or unsustainable tourism practices.

By hiring a local guide, you can travel in a way that is respectful to the local community, reduces your impact on the environment, and enhances your overall travel experience. ToursByLocals loves helping you travel better by making these real human connections all over the world!
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