Local Guides in Praia-Cape-Verde

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Learn about the guides - each guide has tour 'suggestions' and is willing to customize them just for you!

There are 3 local guides in Praia-Cape-Verde.

Private tour guide Adilson

Adilson T.

Cap Verde, Santiago Island, Cape Verde

Languages: French (fluent), Portuguese (fluent), Spanish (advanced), English (advanced)

Biography: It is with great pleasure to make my presentation. My name is Adilson, son of Creoles. I am graduated in Guide of Tourism. And why this choice? Trave,...

Credentials: Tour Guide certificate ( IEFP/ EHTCV - Cape Verde Oficial Tour guide Tour Operator Manager

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Private tour guide Admilson

Admilson G.

Praia, Santiago, Cape Verde

Languages: Portuguese (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Italian (conversational), English (fluent), French (fluent), Dutch (basic)

Biography: Before introducing myself, I would like to teach you two words from our Creole dialect: 1) If you want to ask someone, how are you? just say: fish? a,...

Credentials: Tour Guide certificate - CRET - EHTCV - Cape Verde CEO-Founder of a local Tour Operator & DMC Tour guide advisor at CCFP

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Private tour guide Antonio

Antonio M.

Praia, Cape Verde

Languages: French (advanced), English (advanced), German (conversational), Spanish (advanced), Italian (advanced), Portuguese (fluent)

Biography: I'm a very enthusiastic guide with fast 10 years of experience in this area, and I love to introduce the history of this Island that we call it parad,...

Credentials: I did my degree in tourism management. I Also have certification from locals tour operators. Had also experienced the hotel management.

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