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If you've decided to head to Latvia, you're in luck: now is the perfect time to do it. This fascinating and beautiful Baltic nation embraces travelers, but hasn't yet become a popular destination on,...

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Welcome to the Czech Republic! This Eastern European nation is rich in history and culture, arts and music. Take a Czech tour with a friendly local guide who is eager to share his homeland with travelers,,...

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Macedonia's spectacular peaks, lakes and rivers will wow you - but it's the memories of the Macedonian people's hospitality that will stay with you long after your trip is over. Take a private Macedonia,...

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Belarus Tours 

Locals will welcome you warmly to Belarus, a nation sitting on Europe's eastern edge. Not yet a major tourist destination, Belarus offers interesting glimpses into the region's Soviet past, and outside,...

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Tucked away in the Eastern corner of Europe, the charming country of Lithuania is the continent's best-kept secret. Take a private tour with a friendly local guide eager to share the secrets of his,...

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Estonia Tours 

While Estonia is the smallest of the Baltic nations, it boasts a myriad of natural and cultural attractions within its borders. Magnificent castles, charming villages, seaside towns and lovely forested,...

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Welcome to Ukraine, a country rich in natural beauty, cultural treasures and layers upon layers of history. Take a private Ukraine tour with a local guide who is eager to help you discover their country,...

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At Europe's heart lies Poland, a stunning nation at the crossroads of East and West, indelibly marked by centuries of turbulent history. Take a private Poland tour with a local guide and learn about,...

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Welcome to Moldova, home to a rich wine culture, turbulent history and amazingly resilient and friendly people. Experience a warm welcome and learn more about this eastern European nation on a private,...

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Get ready for adventure in the beautiful Balkan nation of Bulgaria. From its warm Black Sea coast to its lushly forested interior mountains - and the many charming medieval towns in between - Bulgaria,...

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Situated at the heart of Europe, criss-crossed by the mighty Danube River, and home to the unique Magyar language, Hungary offers travelers adventure and culture galore. Take a Hungary tour with a,...

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Slovakia provides a vibrant blend of scenic beauty, medieval history and lively city-life. Take a private Slovakia tour with a knowledgeable local guide and discover the many charms of this Eastern,...

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'We are in Transylvania…Our ways are not your ways, and there shall be to you many strange things.' So spoke Bram Stoker's Dracula, whose lore continues to be one of Romania's star attractions 500,...

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Welcome to Serbia, a European nation simply bursting at the seams with culture, history and natural splendours. Take a private Serbia tour to discover the country's fascinating, turbulent past and,...

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