Local Guides in Busan-South-Korea

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Learn about the guides - each guide has tour 'suggestions' and is willing to customize them just for you!

There are 8 local guides in Busan-South-Korea.

Private tour guide Hyo Jin

Hyo Jin P.

Busan, South Korea

Languages: English (fluent), Korean (fluent)

Biography: Hello! My name is Hyojin in Korean and Carrie in English. Call me any of them. I've been working as a tour guide for 10 years. I got lots of experien,...

Credentials: -English tour guide by Korea Tourism Organisation -Domestic tour guide by Korea Tourism Association -Tour conductor by Korea Association of Travel Ag,...

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Private tour guide BeoDeul

BeoDeul K.

Busan, South Korea

Languages: English (fluent), Korean (fluent)

Biography: Hello! Welcome to Busan! My Korean name, BeoDeul, is a bit hard to pronounce in English. So you can call me Willow. It may sound a bit weird as an E,...

Credentials: - Licensed English Tourist guide certified by the government - Trained as lifeguard of Korean Red Cross. - Worked for Busan Tourism Organization as a,...

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Private tour guide Joonuck

Joonuck L.

Busan, South Korea

Languages: English (conversational), Korean (fluent)

Biography: Enjoy a comfortable, familiar and calm Busan tour! I will be your guide just like an old friend. Explore the beautiful city of Busan with a local gu,...

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Private tour guide Ellie

Ellie G.

BusanjinGu, Busan, South Korea

Languages: English (fluent), Korean (fluent)

Biography: Hello I am a local tour Guide focusing on Busan and I make local tour programs and provide them to travelers and local governments. I have my own tou,...

Credentials: I have 3 types of certifications related to local guiding job, English tourist guide, architectural tour guide, local storyteller.

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Private tour guide Frank

Frank Y.

Busan (Pusan), Busan(Pusan), South Korea

Languages: Russian (basic), Mandarin (basic), Korean (fluent), Japanese (conversational), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello there! My name is Frank Y. Currently, I'm living in BUSAN as a freelance tour guide and consulting local tours, and events in Korea. 1. Korea,...

Credentials: I have a medical & tourism education diploma at the university. and also I have a degree and studied oriental philosophy in the university. Multicul,...

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Private tour guide Jinee

Jinee K.

Busan, South Korea

Languages: Japanese (conversational), English (fluent)

Biography: Hi, my name is Jinee. I have an official tour guide license and experience with Busan as my hometown. Being a matured native, I can introduce not onl,...

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Private tour guide Helena

Helena L.

Busan, South Korea

Languages: English (fluent), Korean (fluent), Spanish (fluent)

Biography: Hello, Welcome to Busan, Korea. My name is Helena and I am a freelancer as tour guide with an official tourist guide license(English&Spanish). I lov,...

Credentials: Language course in Canada (1996 -1997) Administrator at forwarding agency in Guatemala(1998-2009) Specialized in regional studies of Latin America ,...

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Private tour guide Bk

Bk J.

Busan, BUSAN, South Korea

Languages: Korean (fluent), Japanese (conversational), English (fluent)

Biography: "Nice to meet you"!! This is BK, Jung who would be your tour guide in Korea one day. I studied a tourism in my course and have been a tour guide in ,...

Credentials: - Official tour guide license(English) by Korea Tourism Organization since 2010 - Korean history test (2nd level) by National institute of Korean his,...

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