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There are 12 local guides in Agra-Uttar-Pradesh-India.

Private tour guide Madhavendra

Madhavendra S.

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Languages: Spanish (advanced), Mandarin (basic), Hindi (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Namaste Dear Travelers! I am Madhavendra, or Mona - as my family and friends call me, and I invite you to experience the beauty of this amazing coun,...

Credentials: * Serving as a freelance tour guide since 2017. * Officially certified to escort clients through historical and archaeological sites, including UNES,...

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Private tour guide Mohd

Mohd S.

Agra, UP, India

Languages: English (fluent), Hindi (fluent), Italian (conversational)

Biography: Hello & Namaste. . . Which means. "We Indians fold our hand in Namaste before you, because we think that God resides in every Human Being. " I am Moh,...

Credentials: * I am Post Graduate Diploma holder in tourism management, * M.A in history, * 2 level Italian language certificate from Italian embassy Delhi, * Six,...

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Private tour guide Harish

Harish M.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Languages: Hindi (fluent), French (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Namaste, I am Harish, a licensed, National English-speaking guide, my objective is to provide the most worthwhile and enriching tour experience for l,...

Credentials: I am approved guide, and have a license from Ministry of Tourism & culture, Government of India and have permission to work as a tour guide/interpret,...

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Private tour guide Atiq

Atiq A.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Languages: English (fluent), Arabic (basic), German (conversational), Hindi (fluent), Russian (conversational)

Biography: Hello Travelers, Namaste. . . ! . . My name is Atiq, and I reside in Agra (A beautiful city which is known for the iconic monument "Taj Mahal"). I ,...

Credentials: Government Approved guide Master degree in medieval history of India Diploma in German language Member of Association of Government approved tour gui,...

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Private tour guide Gajendra

Gajendra D.

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Languages: English (fluent), Hindi (fluent)

Biography: Namaste !! !! " Our Journey completes Only with a Happy Traveler & Quality Tour Guide " So There is No Per Person Cost !! I am Gajendra live in Jaip,...

Credentials: 1) Licensed Guide Since - 2005 Govt. Of Rajasthan Department of Tourism & Culture . 2) Ondernemers in reizen Certificate . The Travel Foundation Car,...

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Private tour guide Shanoo

Shanoo A.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Languages: Hindi (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: I work as a Tour Guide in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. I live near the Taj Mahal, It means you get VIP Seamless services for your Delhi to Taj Mahal Day T,...

Credentials: PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE * Working as a Local Tour Guide In Northern India for the past 15 Years. * Worked With leading tour operators of the World a,...

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Private tour guide Aslam

Aslam K.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Languages: Hindi (fluent), German (basic), American Sign Language (basic), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello, This is Aslam, I am graduate with Travel and Tourism Management and a freelance tour guide licensed by the Government of Uttar Pradesh India, ,...

Credentials: I. I am graduate with Travel and Tourism management with history as a main subject. 2.I am a government approved tour guide and I have guidelicensed,...

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Private tour guide Zeeshan

Zeeshan A.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Languages: English (fluent), Hindi (fluent), Russian (basic)

Biography: Namaste!! I Take privilege to share about myself. My name is Zeeshan. I was born and raised in the rich history of India, in the Beautiful City of Ag,...

Credentials: *Tour Guide License from the Ministry of Tourism. *Masters Degree in Indian History. *Bachelors Degree in Economics, History. *Affiliate with the min,...

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Private tour guide Zahid

Zahid K.

Agra, U.p, India

Languages: English (fluent), Hindi (fluent)

Biography: Hi. I am Zahid and I live very near to Taj Mahal, in Taj Ganj, Agra. I am graduate from Agra university & have tour guide license from Ministry of to,...

Credentials: * B.A (Graduate) * Tour guide license of Ministry of tourism Govt.of India *Tour guide license no.ITD-27/10

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Private tour guide Monica

Monica S.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Languages: Hindi (fluent), English (fluent)

Biography: Hello travelers Namaste. . . !! The meaning of Namaste is "we respect and bow to the soul enshrined in your body. . . . . I am working as a tour guid,...

Credentials: Guide license from Ministry of Tourism & culture, Government of India. License # ITD/161/15 Masters in Indian History. Tour guide training program,...

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Private tour guide Rohit

Rohit G.

Jaipur Rajasthan, Delhi, India

Languages: English (fluent), French (fluent), Hindi (fluent)

Biography: Hello! My name is Rohit , I am privileged to brought up in a city which is capital of India , but before it all , this is one of the best historical ,...

Credentials: Authorised by ministery of tourism

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Private tour guide Rizwan

Rizwan M.

Agra, U.P, India

Languages: English (fluent)

Biography: Born in Agra and spend my childhood days just 50 metres away from Taj Mahal wall, always fascinated with the beauty of the monuments , culture, histo,...

Credentials: 1. License by Ministry of Tourism Govt of India 2. Appreciation certificate from US Govt 3. Letter of Appreciation by Kensington Palace for giving th,...

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