Five Travel Adventures to Have With Your Dad

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Travel with a loved one is one of the greatest bonding experiences you can have, and exploring the world together gives you the chance to create memories that will last a lifetime. Why not plan a trip with your Dad that will allow you to share your passions or hobbies while enjoying an unforgettable travel experience at the same time?

No matter your father’s interests, ToursByLocals offers experiences to cater to every type of traveller — history buffs, craft beer enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, aspiring photographers, or active explorers - along with captivating local guides who will bring your destination to life for you.

In honour of Father’s Day, here are a few creative suggestions for places to go and things to do on tours that are ideal for enjoying with your dad.

Five Travel Adventures to Have With Your Dad

For the History-Lover: Explore the D-Day Beaches of Normandy

Discover the Normandy D-Day beaches with your history-loving father, which hold immense significance as the site where the allies invaded to help free Europe from Nazi occupation. Book a tour such as Touring the landing D-Day sites from Caen or Bayeux and explore bunkers, battlefields, a museum, and the landing beaches that stretch along the coast of northern France.

For the Beer-Connaisseur: Visit an 1842 brewery in Pilsen, Czech

Just over an hour from Prague lies the city of Pilsen, Czech home to one of the world’s most famous beers: the Pilsner Urquell. Visit the brewery, in operation since 1842, and enjoy a cold one with your Dad in this beer-loving nation. Your guide, a long-time local of Pilsen, can also share with you the history, culture and gastronomy in this town, on a fun day tour of Pilsen.

For the Wildlife Enthusiast: Go on an African Safari

For a truly unique, memorable and enriching experience, take your dad on an African safari. Viewing the Big Five and other wildlife species in their natural habitat will treat you to sights you’ve never seen before — anything goes in the wild! Enjoy a tour such as a 3 Day Manyeleti Private Game Reserve Safari, where you will get to explore Kruger National Park and its adjacent reserve for spectacular wildlife and scenery, with a local guide to provide context and direction throughout your journey.

For the Amateur Photographer: Capture Hong Kong through a camera

If your dad enjoys discovering the essence of a destination through his lens, try out a tour like the Private Hong Kong Street Full-Day Photography Tour. Explore the city’s old-meets-new urban aesthetic and learn about the history and culture of this fascinating place while remaining curious and creative with a camera. Comparing perspectives will be a wonderful bonding experience for both of you, with a guide to help challenge and reward you as photographers.

For the Keen Hiker: Explore Canada’s Rockies

Hit the hills with your dad and soak in the incredible natural beauty of Canada. Take a tour such as Take a Hike! Full Day in the Back Country of the Rocky Mountains to traverse the breathtaking landscapes and even try fishing in an alpine lake. Going with a guide will allow you to stay on track, learn about the flora and fauna of the area, and add an extra layer of comfort (which will come in handy in bear country).
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